Camel, meerkat, rust.. oh my!

click photo for jacket

These colors instantly make outfit look luxe, even on a budget!

…or no budget!

How to wear: The easiest way to wear camel, meerkat or rust clothing is to simply pair with natural colored outfits.  I love white, cream, black, blue, olive, and grey.  A monochromatic outfit with shades of camel always catches my eye! If you’re adding your first camel colored piece in to your wardrobe, I’d start with outerwear. It gives a luxe, effortless look, that’s simple to create an outfit with.

Different styles and textures in this color give off a quality look at all price points.

AE Camel Cardigan – similar

Old Navy Camel Cardigan Similar

Camel never goes out of style!

You won’t have to worry about wasting money on a trendy piece you won’t love next year!

This Jacket is Diesel brand and I’ve had it for years! Below I am linking several jackets that are similar.

Le Chateau Fringe Jacket

Forever 21 fringe jacket

Shein Frindge Jacket

Zappos Frindge Jacket

Shepplers Fringe Suede Jacket

Click photo for Jacket

You can wear camel year round!

Pro Tip: solid colors rather than stripes/patterns seem to make the camel color pop and gives off a classier vibe.

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