My favorite Sherpa Jackets of the Season!

I’ve gotten more compliments on this jacket than I ever expected!!

Outfit Ideas:

  • Build from your own closet with a basic shirt, blue jeans, boots or tennis shoes
  • See the reason why I love Camel colored Sherpa jackets! here  This also tells what colors to pair with.
  • Solid black outfit.  Black basic top, black pants/jeans and black boots
  • Pair with joggers and soft tee
  • Throw on over a workout outfit
  • Wear over a fair Isle sweater with white or blue jeans and boots.
  • Dress it up and  wear over a holiday dress or with a pencil skirt and blouse.

Below is the link for this exact Jacket from forever 21! I’ve linked several others that are very similar!

The jacket I’m wearing!

Cropped Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa Jacket – Madewell

Sherpa Jacket – Urban Outfitters

Faux shearling jacket – astr the label

Faux shearling jacket – Levis

Real Shearling Jacket – Nordstrom

Zara short faux shearling jacket is out of stock but this was my original inspiration for this jacket!

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