Combatting my OCSD (Obsessive Compulsive Shopping Disorder)

Walmart Sherpa Pullover linked at bottom. Walmart Jeans in store only.

You are probably thinking, “You are an aspiring fashion blogger so what the heck are you talking about!” Let me explain…I used to be very compulsive when shopping(I still have my moments)! I shopped up until the last few years of my life with little thought. I first started shopping without my mom, sis, and grandma when I went to college. Looking back, I was lost without them! I would almost always buy dressy items such as heels and a going out dress or a statement piece such as jewelry or a hat that I had absolutely nothing to go with (but just had to have).  In college, this compulsive and thoughtless shopping strategy worked for me as I went out a lot so wore tons of heels and dresses and wasn’t married to an accountant! Fast forward to post-college and I was still shopping the same way. I would find myself wanting to look cute for my job, to go to a casual lunch, or to just run errands and would have NOTHING stylish to wear. I slowly started changing my ways. I began using most of my monthly spending on the clothes that represented what I was wearing the most often. Here’s how I evolved!

Walmart Sherpa Pullover and Joggers linked below.

I was a middle school teacher for 4 years and did not dress cute the first year as I was still shopping for mostly going out clothing. By year two, I was so tired of feeling like I dressed with no style! I decided to only buy items I could wear to school. Soon enough I was just as “on point” (as my middle schoolers used to say) with my daily outfits as I was my going out attire.
A similar scenario happened when I began teaching tennis. I was spending my monthly budget on casual clothing and not on active wear. I decided to start focusing on buying tennis clothes as I was wearing tennis clothes more than any other clothing at the time. As I began going to work dressed cuter, I began feeling more confident!

Similar yoga pants linked at bottom. Walmart Outfit pictured in store only on clearance.

Currently, I am at stay at home mom so I keep my focus on joggers, leggings, or casual outfits when shopping. I want to wear clothing that allows me to clean, play with the kids, and still look presentable and on-trend when I go somewhere.

Free People top and bralette. Similar top/bralette linked at bottom. Lorna Jane Yoga Pants.

I’m not perfect with this (just blew my November spending on holiday party wear and two pairs of high heel boots that I know damn well I will not wear as often as I would wear flats)🤨, but when I do buy things that are not daily wear I put a heck of a lot more thought into it and always shop my own closet first to see exactly what I need! It’s still so fun for me to buy the glamorous pieces, but if you look at the big picture, I mostly purchase every day clothing now. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but critically thinking about what I need most when shopping and then sticking to that plan makes me the happiest! It’s so much more fun dressing cute for most activities in life rather than only sometimes!! I definitely love how I’ve evolved!!!

Walmart Joggers

Walmart Sherpa Pullover

Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve

Walmart Yoga Pants


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