10 Goals for the New Year 2019!

Choose Alcohol or Dessert… not both! Egh, the thought of this sounds awful. But wine itself should be a treat!  **Froze counts as wine**
Take my makeup off every night.. no excuses. My mom and Mimi always do this and their skin looks amazing! I am trying to be like them more and more!
Continue to transition my products to cleaner and safer ingredient lists! Treating my skin everyday like its a spa day!
Sunscreen everyday! Even the days I’m not in a swim suit!
Yoga, Pilates or meditation once a week!
Be a better friend, reach out more!
Finish home projects 🙂  Yes, I sometimes start projects and don’t complete them before I begin a new project.  This can relate to more things in my life than just home projects!
Only buy clothing that I love or can create an outfit with.  Sometimes I go with a trend because its “in-style” but i don’t love it.  I want to move away from this mentality. I loved this dress and I am so glad I purchased it over the current trendy styles.
Convince at least 4 friends to take an outdoor adventure with Mick and I for my birthday!  I did this two years ago and I loved every minute of it!
Accessorize more! Yes, this has been my resolution the last two years and I somehow feel I can still up my accessory game.  Here’s a great photo last year where I have no accessories LOL!!

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