Game Day Swag!

What should I wear to the game? When it comes to this question, I feel like a Southern girl trapped in a Midwestern girl’s world (even though I’m a Midwest 👧)! In college, I wore school emblem t-shirts/jerseys to games with jeans like most of my friends but never felt that cute! I always wished it was a norm, like in the south, to dress up for games!

So, post-college I made some changes to spice up my game day wear! With Bayley’s help, I’ve come up with a plethora of game day outfit ideas (from LA to KC and beyond)!!!

1. I like to wear school colors with little or no team logos. BASICS like a sweater or polo in the team’s color with jeans, khakis, or leggings.

Keep it basic, yet stylish! Mom jeans linked below!

Levi’s Mom Jeans

I cannot believe this was 4 years ago! Wearing a Polo is timeless!!! Polo linked below.

Polo Ralph Lauren Womens Classic Fit Oxford Button Down Shirt, Blue/White, S

LA basic Kings attire! Fuzzy sweater linked below.

HM Fuzzy White Sweater

Basic Twinning at the Kings Game!
Basic was all it took for my bestie to get noticed by George Brett…or maybe it’s because she’s gorgeous!!! Guess, we’ll never know 😉
Basic Outfits = Classy Couple

2. Carry a team colored small purse (I’ve had to go to the car twice for carrying too big of a purse lol)!

Here is my friend Megan on point with a matching bag for the KU Basketball Game! Outfit details linked below.

Marc Jacobs Small Purse

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Similar Blue Top

Perfect clear bag in store at Fortuity Boutique in KC area. Beanie linked below.

KC Beanie Fortuity

I’ve linked a very similar perfect size Louis Vuitton Purse and a beautiful clear Vince Camuto clear game day Purse that comes in multiple colors!

Small Blue Louis Vuitton Bag

Vince Camuto Clear Game Day Bag (multiple color options)

3. Wear cute sunglasses! I love Raybans!

My favorite pair currently! Linked below.

Hexagonal Ray-Ban

4. Cowboy boots!!! I love cowboy boots on game day… team logo on them or not, I LOVE them!

Solid Sun Dress, Raybans, and Cowboy Boots… I really should have gone to school in the South 🧡

Standard Cowgirl Boots

5. Layer cute bracelets or wear fun earrings!

Pair dressy earrings with your favorite team shirt!

Red Circle Tassel Earrings

6. Pearls on game day is irresistible for me whether it be a necklace, pearl stud earrings, or both! Pair them with a button down underneath a sweater/pullover and “class” will be your middle name!

Pearls take outfits from cute to classy!

J.Crew Pearls from Nordstrom

More pearls…

7. For the lower temp outdoor games, I like to pair a trendy or classic coat with a beanie and gloves!

Trendy Coat + Team Beanie. Sherpa Jacket linked below.
Cream Sherpa Jacket
I would add a team colored coat like I made my neighbor model below😂 or a white/black winter coat if I didn’t have one in a team color.

Michael Kors Sweater

AE Mom Jeans
KC CHIEFS Unisex Winter Knit Beanie Hat With Pom Pom One Size Fits Most Multicolor
Team Colored Winter Coat!

Noize Red Winter Coat

8. Add a jean jacket!!!

If it’s warmer out, I love wearing a cute solid school colored sundress and jean jacket! My favorite jean jacket currently is linked below all jean jacket pics!
Love jean on jean for a game! My Chiefs jean jacket pictured is from Burlington Coat Factory!
Wear a pair of on-trend jeans with a jean jacket!

Baggy Trucker Jean Jacket

9. I also love monochromatic outfits in team colors.

2015 – When the Royals won the World Series!

10. Twinning is always winning!!

Twinning is a must on game day!!!
Family coordinating all the way down to the toddler New Balances is a must!

11. Add a vest or poncho!

I want the Sherpa KU version of my mom’s vest I’ve linked under the last photo of vests! My RL Poncho is from TJ Maxx.

Fur Vest!
White Vest from Tj Maxx

Fur Vest

White Vest from Forever 21

KU Sherpa Vest

Display at The Kindred Shops in Oak Park Mall! I love the red poncho for a KU or Chiefs Game!

12. Want to spice up your favorite team emblem tee?! Just wear it with a skirt!

I will wear this to the Royals Fan Festival this year!  If I were going to wear this shirt to a game, I’d opt for a denim skirt.  

Team Tee, Skirt + Moto Jacket.  This is the window display at Fortuity Boutique on the Plaza in KC!
Jean skirt is a perfect choice for game day!!!

13. Wear Rainboots! I always worry about ruining my shoes at games so this is a perfect fix…and stylish!

Hunter Rain Boots – multiple colors

Target Rain Boots

14. Accessorize with a team colored bandana!

We found our bandanas in the back of our moms hair drawer but keep seeing similar bandanas at boutiques and stores!

Madwell Bandana

Anthropologie Bandanas

Free People Bandanas

15. Wear overall’s over team shirt or crew neck!

Fortuity Boutique in KC area has a short overall dress I’m currently lusting over!

Lulu’s Denim Overalls

Guess Factory Denim Overalls

Free People Overall Dress

And that’s a wrap! I hope I gave you some Game Day inspiration!!!

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