“Broquet” a bouquet for your man!


Valentines Broquet!

The first broquet I ever made and probably the best!  I basically bought anything I could put on a stick  from the Dollar Spot at Target!  I did a Valentines Day theme and tried to keep the cost under $30.  Newly dating I didn’t want to go overboard with a gift but wanted to do something fun!

How to make a “broquet”!

  1. Pick a theme – I usually choose something that is fitting for our life at the moment! Here are some things to think about.  His favorite song? An upcoming trip? Does he camp? His guilty pleasure (i.e.Video Games, Golf, Candy)? Meme’s he sends you? Facial Hair? Craft Beer?  Or choose a simple Valentines Day hearts theme!
  2. Buy a container as your base.  Almost every year I buy one from the Dollar Spot at Target.  Tip: the smaller the bucket the easier the broquet.
  3. Buy fillers for your Broquet like hearts, X’s and O’s, tissue paper for paper flowers, ribbon etc. Target Dollar spot or Dollar store usually have these items!
  4. Kitchen skewers – you probably have a hundred pack in a drawer.
  5. Buy Tape (you might have left over tape from the holidays).
  6. Foam or a box to put inside your broquet.  I’ve used both and flower pot foam is easier but a cardboard box is cheaper.
  7. Buy gift Cards, chap sticks, candy, lotto tickets or scratch offs. Since Mick doesn’t eat candy I usually add liquor bottles instead.   If you have a specific theme skip this step.
  8. Buy 1-5 things that have to do with your “Theme”.  Smaller is better. If Valentines day is your theme you can skip this step.
  9. Tape everything to the skewers!  If it doesn’t stay with tape, use a ribbon to tie it on the skewer. Use a rubberband/hairtie to get it on the skewer if need be then cover with ribbon.  I did use a hot glue gun one year.
  10. Guys don’t care how janky it is so get the stuff on the sticks and be done with that part. If you find an easy/faster way to do it, please comment below!
  11. Stick skewers in foam.
  12. Use fillers, the more fillers and things you put in, the better it looks.
  13. Cover the foam with tissue paper, left over fillers or computer paper.
  14. If your broquet looks like it needs a little more love.  Make hearts out of computer paper, tissue paper roses or go to your craft drawer and pull out some junk you’re probably never going to use and stick it on there!


I Love you more than Kanye loves Kanye! I was ballin on a budget this year but still made something fun! Price was under $15.

I chose this theme because Kanye seemed to be in every headline and we would send each other Kanye memes too much.  I couldn’t afford a gift so tried to get a laugh out of him instead.  The mustaches were an inside joke because Mick had an awful mustache that was left over from no shave November. I should have used more fillers such as computer paper hearts or tissue paper flowers from the dollar spot to add more excitement.

A half effort at the “broquet”

This year I completely slacked to say the least!  We had planned a bike ride and brunch to Santa Monica for Valentines Day!  I kept with the theme of the date and bought him comfy, casual shorts to bike in on our date and a surfboard rack for his bicycle.  All in all I think he definitely likes the obnoxious broquets that cost under $30 rather than a gift!

One year I hosted a girls wine night to make Broquets!

A “His favorites” Broquet and a “Drunk in love” from Bayonce!

Here’s why I chose a “drunk in love” theme…  I was constantly singing drunk in love this year and he called me his Feyonce.  We were newly engaged, cheesy I know.   We also had joked about once you’re married you need a real champagne bucket, as all adults do, right?! So I chose to use the Champagne bucket and the bottle of Champagne as the main gift.  This was Micks favorite themed broquet #surfboard #watermelon #ringpop

My friend chose a “his favorites” theme.  This is simple and shows all the love for paying attention to his favorite things!  I want to do this one year.    I’d probably have like 8 baguettes on skewers since that is Micks favorite thing! HaHa

photo apr 06, 6 51 38 pmLast year I didn’t take a picture, whomp whomp.  😦  We went camping for Valentines Day and I bought him a “love seat” camping chair and put a few camp things sticking out from it like a massive Broquet!  We have used this chair A LOT but this year I am going back to the broquet out of a bucket.

This year I’m making a themed broquet in a small bucket!! In case Mick reads this, that’s all I’m going to say about that!

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