Comfort and Cute!

Not only do I try to keep my focus honed in on what I am wearing most when shopping, but I now obsess over COMFORT! I’ve linked my favorite comfy outfits throughout this blog! Here it goes…

Walmart Draw String Top

This is very new for me! I used to just shop for “cute” meaning that if the heels and uncomfortable clothing helped me achieve a look I wanted, then I wore it! Motherhood changed all of that! I currently need to be able to get up and down off the ground easily to change diapers and to play with Somer. I also literally sweat the entire first year after having a baby, am on edge from being sleep deprived, and hungry 24/7 from feeding everyone else before I can feed my starving self(mom probs)! So, the last thing I want is to wear something that annoys me!

Walmart Sherpa(under $15) and Joggers(under $12)linked below.

Walmart Joggers

Walmart Sherpa

Bay in the most soft jogger set from Gap. Linked below. I want this outfit in the worst way!

Gap Softspun Pullover

Gap Softspun Joggers

Currently, I don’t buy anything that is not easy to nurse in. Nursing can test my patience so I only buy gear that allows me to be as comfy as possible when nursing. Quick Mom Tip: When I’ve bought a shirt for easy breastfeeding access that is not a REAL nursing top/dress, I try to buy one that I will continue wearing when I’m done nursing (like this Lululemon shirt below).

Linked two similar wrap shirts below. Lululemon does not sell this shirt anymore.

Athleta Wrap Shirt

Famulily Women Tie Front Deep V Neck Tee Shirts Fall Fashion Unique Cross Wrap Tops Blouse Grey M

For Christmas, my mother-in-law introduced me to Aerie! These are the softest yoga pants and sweater I own!

Aerie Yoga Pants and Sweater. The softest pieces I own. Link below.

Aerie Sage Legging

Aerie Crew Similar Sweater

Victoria Secret Logo Jogger Outfit! So comfy and stylish!

Similar Victoria Secret Logo Joggers

My motto is no longer just “cute” when getting dressed, it’s now “comfort AND cute!” Why would I ever just stick to one when I can have both?!

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