Belt Bags

Belt bags are convenient and high fashion!!! Bayley and I used to make fun of my mom for wearing belt bags and look at us now… rocking mom jeans and belt bags! Our top 6 belt bags are listed and linked!

1. The Brahmin is always a classy choice! If I had to choose a belt bag based on looks alone, this would be it!

This purse can be easily transitioned into over-the-shoulder/cross-body too!

Brahmin Belt Bag

2. This Adidas Belt Bag reminds me of Sporty Spice! You could wear this to a work out or to the mall!! It’s definitely a versatile bag.

This belt bag can take you from a work out class to street style!

Adidas Belt Bag

3. The classic Coach Belt Bag! This bag would be perfect for adding a trendy/retro statement to your daily outfits! It would also be great to take to a ball game (especially if you’re a Jayhawk/Husker fan)!

This belt bag comes in three classic colors!

Coach Belt Bag

4. The River Island Belt Bag comes in a pink snake print version too! Check the link below pic!

River Island Belt Bag

5. My Vince Camuto Belt Bag is perfect for Spring and Summer. I’ve always been crazy about white bags!

Sporty and Street Savvy!

Vince Camuto Belt Bag

6. The Madewell Belt Bag gives off a rich and classy feel! It also comes in pink and black. Click the link below the picture to see all colors.

Comes in 3 colors! Link below!

Madewell Belt Bag

7. Last but definitely not least is Bayley’s Frye Belt Bag! Let’s be real, when can you ever go wrong with Frye?! It comes in black too.

Frye Belt Bag is so classy! Link below.

Frye Belt Bag

I hope you enjoyed our top choice belt bags!

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