The Chunky Scarf

All season I’ve loved the chunky scarves. I only have one and you’ll soon see why!

Scarf paired with a camel colored coat.

It’s the most versatile scarf and goes with all of my coats and so many different outfits.

So versatile!
Paired with a mustard colored coat.

It’s chunky, yet not too chunky to where it’s not practical. It’s also the softest scarf I own!

Paired with blush.
Paired with blush!

I got it at a random furniture store called Trees n Trends in Henderson, KY and had never seen it since… until recently I found it at Nordstrom! It’s IN STORE ONLY and 50% off currently(under $20)!! I was sad to see that it was sold out online but quickly had another plan for those of you that only shop online or don’t live near a Nordstrom!

Don’t live near a Nordstrom or only do online shopping???!!! I got you!! My back up plan is a gorgeous and VERY SIMILAR scarf from the Boden store I’ve linked below! The Boden scarf from their most recent catalog was my inspiration for an outfit I made up to go with my Topshop scarf! Check it out below and click the link for details on the Boden scarf which is also 50% off currently!

So yeah… I cut out pics from magazines that inspire me! I’m a nerd! But, look how similar these two scarves are! Left pic is Boden Scarf and right is Topshop Scarf from Nordstrom.

Boden Scarf

I hope you got some chunky scarf inspo! Now, let’s move on to spring please!

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