Pearl Hair Clip!

  • My Mimi taught me about the importance of “hair ornaments” growing up so each time I buy a hair piece I think of her! When I was at the Sip, Style, Shop KC Event, I bought this beautiful pearl hair clip from Lady Bye, a local boutique in KC (linked at the end) and haven’t taken it out of my hair since! I’m even sleeping in it, it’s so comfy! Jk, but I’m wearing it all the time because it adds retro, style, and glamour to any look! I’m seriously obsessed with it! It is also very comfortable as it stays put perfectly the entire time it’s in!
  • I was actually having a bad hair day and was in a hurry but I threw this in and was so happy with the result! It took the focus off of my messy, dirty hair and brought a cool and classy vibe in focus!

    I love wearing my pearl clip with girly attire and tennis shoes! It just mixes so perfectly!

    I like pairing my pearl clip with pearl studs, pearl drop earrings, or small gold studs/hoops.

    The pearl clip is versatile! I will wear it with all kinds of shoes and outfits! I could see pairing it with a basic jeans, top, and mules outfit. I will wear it like that next, but for now, here are the rest of the outfits I’ve worn it with!

    I wore this outfit above when my husband and I went out to eat with friends. Again, this pearl clip took my outfit from cute to high fashion (at least in my opinionšŸ˜‚)!

    I also love wearing it with a middle part!

    I wore it shopping with yoga pants, a blazer, and tennis shoes!

    If you want to be a little extra, you can layer hair clips! I adore being extra so this worked well for my likingšŸ‘ My additional pearl hair clips are from Versona originally but I’ve linked the exact layered pearl Bobby pins from Urban Outfitter. These pearl hair clips are out of stock at many places so my exact clips that I’m wearing are linked from different places than where I purchased them originally! Check out my links! All pearl hair ornaments are under $15!!

    Lady Bye Boutique Date Night Pearl Clip

    Lady Bye Boutique Double Up Pearl Hair Clips

    Amazon Pearl Hair Clips for Women Girls – 4pcs Large Bows/Clips/Ties Bling Hairpins Headwear Barrette Styling Tools Accessories

    Urban Outfitters Layered Pearl Clips

    Urban Outfitter Pearl Bobby Pin Set

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