Little Ross’ Baby Room

As I searched Pinterest for inspiration on a baby boy nursery, I realized that all of my favorite baby rooms had these things in common! All rooms had a neutral palette (aka no color!), white walls, wooden toys, round jute rugs, and were labeled Scandinavian!! So, I went with that and created baby Ross’ Scandinavian-Australian nursery!

Baby Ross is named after my dad who is Australian so that’s why I decided to add the kangaroo skin and a painting of a kangaroo with Joey in pouch. My grandma did the painting. She sells prints and cards and is so very talented! I’ll link her website here!

The rocking chair of my dreams! I’m actually sitting in it nursing right this second!!! Most of my blogging happens right in this beloved chair! Link below!

Walmart Tufted Rocker

I adore this 4 in 1 convertible crib and it’s on sale now well under $450! Link below!

Wayfair Crib

The ABC Jay Z book for my hip hop sole! Link below!

Amazon ABC Jay Z Book

The WOODEN PLAYGYM!! Ross loved this the first 5 months of life and I LOVED having him play with a toy that wasn’t an eye sore! Worth every penny! Link below.

The Tot Clover and Birch Wooden Play Gym

This blanket was a gift that I still use daily 1 year later! I loved it for every day use during the winter and now it’s awesome for outdoor fun! Link below.

The Tot Muslin Quilt

We used this mid century modern dresser from the West Bottoms (local KC antique district) for Somer’s baby room. We changed the knobs and feet for Ross’ room.

Added a plant corner with plant holders I found for free at my husband’s business and in my mom’s goodwill pile! I loved this corner until Ross started crawling! I had to move the plants to shelves once Ross started crawling. Also, I would never do real plants on stands like this again (at least not while I have young kids)!

I have been wanting to write this blog since Ross was 3 months old and now only 4 days before his 1st Birthday you’ve got it! I can’t believe how time flies!! If you have any more questions about items not linked (baby not included) just DM me and I’ll answer quickly!



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