Mimi’s Fashion Secrets

Mimi around age 71 celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in Sandestin, her favorite getaway!

Six key points come to mind when I think about Mimi’s classy, yet show-stopping style! I’m going to share them with you because Bayley and I idolize her in every way!

In monochrome per usual!

1. COLORS: Mimi knows the colors that look the best on her AND she only wears colors that she likes. For example, there are some shades of purple, red, and green that flatter her skin tone but she rarely wears them because they are not her favorite hues! Instead, she wears neutrals, blues, corals, and yellows for the most part. She doesn’t waste her time looking at colors that don’t flatter her skin tone or that she doesn’t like. P.S. She even does the same with lipstick and jewelry. (This is the reason Bayley and I were so excited to get our color analysis done by House of Colour!).

Mimi in yellow!

Mimi in blue!

Before my baby shower for Somer Jane!

2. MONOCHROMATIC STYLE: Mimi understands the power of wearing all one color. It’s classy, yet dramatic! It finally dawned on me how she can be so classic in her style, yet be a complete show-stopping, stand-out diva! It’s because of this very aspect of her style! She is almost always rocking a monochromatic look whether it be in neutrals or in color! (Side Story: I remember being made fun of by my bff in 6th grade about wearing an all orange Gap outfit and I second guessed my mom and Mimi! That lasted a whole week before I was back to wearing monochromatic looks and I’ve never doubted monochrome since!!)

Monochromatic for the win!
I’m wearing her dress in this picture with my mom’s necklace at my baby shower!

3. KEEP PATTERNS MINIMAL: She’s always talked to Bayley and I about trying not to buy too many patterned items as she tires of them quicker than solids! Anytime my sister and I held up a pattern, we would hear the same story! After going through her vintage closet items recently, I noticed that when she did wear patterns (which was never as often as solid colored clothing), she wore big monochromatic patterns or outfit sets! Basically, if she wore a pattern, she went big or didn’t wear the pattern at all!

Here I am wearing one of her patterned outfits from 30+ years ago!

4. ALWAYS BUY THE JACKET: Mimi never leaves the house without a jacket or sweater to go with her outfit and I mean, literally, NEVER! She doesn’t like to be cold in stores and restaurants so she is always prepared! Plus, it’s always a stylish addition having a matching sweater or jacket! Mimi Pro Tip: Always pop the collar when jacket allows & wrap sweaters around your shoulders when you aren’t cold!

Wearing my fav jean jacket of hers!

Notice the sweater hanging over her shoulders straight up blogger style and she doesn’t even know what a blogger is!

Wearing one of her favorite shades of blue at my baby shower in 2014.

5. JEWELRY AND SHOES: Mimi mostly wears a few nice pieces of jewelry on a daily basis. Whether wearing activewear or street wear, she always has some of her signature jewelry on, yet it’s never overdone. Her signature earrings that she wears in both gold and silver are both hammered. I have been trying to copy this hammered gold earring/bracelet look for years! It’s her signature look and I want it to be my signature look too (copycat)! Again, she knows what she likes and sticks with it!

On point in activewear matching Somer Jane!

As for her shoes, she only wears shoes in beige hues. She told me that it makes everything easier from everyday outfits to packing for vacation! Wearing the same color of shoe simplifies her style.

Another day, another beige shoe!
Mimi wearing neutral sandals at Bayley’s college match!

6. HAIR: Last but definitely not least is her hair! She knows how she likes her hair and has stuck with it! Her hair style is the most unique, yet timeless hair style I’ve ever seen! I think her hair style is another part of her style that adds drama in a great way! Although her hair is short, she will tell anyone to keep their long hair while they can! She thinks that younger girls should wear their hair long and accessorize with “hair ornaments!” Bayley and I have always jokingly referred to hair accessories as hair ornaments because we love that she calls them that!

Such an amazing great grandma!

On a completely different note, she is also a watercolor artist! Her artwork showcases mostly beach scenes from the 30a area and are the classiest paintings I’ve ever seen!

She is not painting as often but this is her latest work of art! Wheatnsea!

Not only is our Mimi a gorgeous lady on the outside, but she is even more gorgeous on the inside!

Mimi loves her kids and grandchildren!

She has always been a part of our shopping adventures from Prom dresses to tennis dresses and we’ve loved having her input every step of the way! She inspires us in the way we hope to inspire you!

Getting ready to draw Peppa Pig for Somer’s 3rd Birthday Party!

One of our most requested blog topics to cover has been about Mimi so we hope you enjoyed it!

Mimi as a child with her dad!

Mimi, you are beautiful, timeless, and classy! Thanks for always playing such an important role in our lives! You are our idol, along with our beautiful mom, in all ways! Cheers to Mimi’s timeless, classy, and beautiful style!




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