Color Analysis

Getting our color analysis done was, without a doubt, life changing! I (Britt) went into our color consultation thinking that I knew most of my colors but just wanted to double check that I was right🤓It turned out that I had LOTS to learn!

I’m going to break down exactly what Bayley and I learned at our color consultation with Christy Lamb at House of Colour in Indepence!

Shopping for our correct colors at Old Navy in Independence Shopping Center!

COOL VS. WARM SKIN TONE: We started out by learning if we were a cool or warm skin tone. The entire analysis was based on skin tone! It blew my mind that eye color did not play a main part. (Side note👉 I thought I was supposed to wear all shades of green because of my green eye color but I was incorrect! When I went home and began to take out the greens that weren’t in my color palette, I realized for the first time that I actually had never felt that pretty in those greens. This is just one example of my mind being blown with how much I learned!)

JEWELRY: This allowed us to figure out which color of jewelry flattered our skin tone the most. Both Bayley and I found out that we were warm tones. We were happy about this as we wear mostly gold jewelry! We even got to learn if we looked better in bright/shiny gold or in brushed/brassy gold!!

WHICH SEASON?: Then, we found out which season we were through Christy doing many color paths. We could see with our own eyes which colors looked best on us! We were so amazed at how our makeup-free skin glowed when our correct colors were held up next to our face! Why wouldn’t we want to wear hues that bring our skin to life?! We found out that I’m a Spring and Bay is an Autumn! We then got to pop some bubbly and eat yummy snacks!! It was such a fun girls day!

MAKEUP: Next, Christy did our make up and chose our best blush and top 3 lip colors in our palette. Once again, I thought I knew what makeup to wear but I was wrong! For example, I’m not supposed to wear black eye liner/mascara. I’m supposed to wear brown!

WOW COLORS: Lastly, we got to take a look at all of our correct colors and then watch Christy name our WOW or very best colors out of those! We learned that our WOW colors are the colors we should try to wear for special occasions, formal events, or bathing suits, for example. Christy took this one step further in teaching us about what colors would be good to accessorize our WOW colors with!


1. SHOPPING IS EASIER: We now shop with more direction and are less impulsive. We used to feel overwhelmed when shopping because we loved so many items in each store. My mom always taught us that just because it’s in style doesn’t mean it flatters our body type. The same goes with color! Just because it’s in style doesn’t necessarily mean I need to buy it in a color unflattering on my skin tone! We’ve already saved money since the analysis by only buying things that are flattering on our body AND that are in our color palette. We no longer feel indecisive when shopping because if we like it, the fit is right, and the color is on point we know it’s a good choice! It’s fun to feel certain about purchases and that’s how we feel now when we are shopping!

2. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AFRAID: We were both so scared that we were going to be a season that we didn’t prefer. We were also both terrified that we would be told to wear silver jewelry! As Christy went through the color paths we could see with our own eyes what looked best on us. There is no way to be let down when finding out your color palette because you will be able to see how much better you look in the correct color palette with your own two eyes!!! Each color palette offers neutrals, too, in case you are worried about having only rainbow type colors in your palette.

3. TO PURGE OR NOT TO PURGE: After we found out our color palette, we both gave away lots of clothing. We also kept some clothing that we love in our incorrect colors. We try to accessorize the clothing in our incorrect color palette with correct colors. We did the same with make up and accessories. We didn’t give away all of our make up/jewelry in the wrong colors, but we did decide that moving forward we would buy these items in the correct colors!

IN CONCLUSION: We are probably over sharing our excitement about our experience on Instagram as it was such a fun girls day and we learned so much! We want you to know that this is not an ad or sponsored, it’s just us sissybirds being real! Learning our colors just happens to relate to most of what we Blog about which is why we are still talking about it!

Note: Christy Lamb is no longer with House of Colour. She is a principal and has chosen to spend more of her downtime with family. If you are local to the KC area, Linda Davis is taking over Christy’s clients and is unbelievable too! I did my Style Analysis (more on this later) with her and she was very detail-oriented and professional! She knows her stuff and has been a part of the company since it started! I trust her as much as I trusted Christy! Her info is below.


Phone: Linda Davis (913) 689-8501

If you end up pulling the trigger and getting this special analysis done for yourself, you will NOT regret it! It’s the best self-care I’ve given myself in many years! It’s seriously the gift to myself that keeps giving!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about our color analysis experience!



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