How I Lost My Baby Weight… All 64 pounds of it!

It’s strange to me that 8 months post baby I got my weight off without any real plan! If I were you and just read that line, I’d exit out of this blog asap!! But don’t! Let me explain!!

I’m 8 months pregnant with Baby Ross in this pic!

After being asked, “How’d you get your baby weight off?” repeatedly for months, I began really thinking about how I did it. I felt like everyone wanted me to answer their question with an exact diet/workout plan (which btw, is not how I did it).

Many people also asked about nursing. Personally, I don’t believe nursing is how women lose the majority of their baby weight (again, just my opinion). I gained 50 lbs with Somer and lost all of it the exact same way I lost 64 lbs with Ross. I nursed Somer mixed with formula for 3-4 weeks then quit, whereas I nursed Ross exclusively for 14 months. I realize nursing burns calories but I think there’s more to it than nursing.

With all of that being said, I know we are all different, have good/bad metabolisms, and have to find health in our lives in our own, unique way! I just want to share my story in case it just might help! So, here it goes…

Taking Baby Ross home from the hospital!

MINDSET, PATIENCE, and MODERATION! I feel like Americans (myself included), in general, lack or forget about the importance of these 3 skills! I also feel like these 3 skills are what helped me lose my baby weight AND are the key to a healthy lifestyle! This is not research based. This is just what I believe.

Let me start with MINDSET because we all know it’s the most important! After delivering both kids, I knew my non-maternity clothes wouldn’t fit for a long while. Rather than trying to start some crazy workout routine while bleeding in a diaper (let’s be real) or try to start some diet, I mentally decided that I wasn’t going to consume my thoughts with it. I continued wearing maternity clothes for the first 3-4 months post babies and did not stress about it! I knew in order to be the best mom, I would need to eat what I craved because sleep deprivation does not mix well with being hungry, at least for me!

Of course, I daydreamed about when I would wear my non maternity clothes again, but I knew it was in my best interest to focus on surviving and not adding more to my plate. For me, that was healthy. I realize that “healthy” for others may mean working out and drinking green smoothies earlier. For me, taking the pressure off of myself and accepting that I wasn’t going to fit back into my normal clothes for a while helped me in a weird way to get the weight off.

The key here is that I accepted my body and did not beat myself up for looking pregnant for the first few months after having both babies. I kept my focus on all the positives! I celebrated the small victories like my maternity pants getting looser rather than focusing on trying to wear my normal clothes. I also tried to soak up every second of having a newborn as I knew all too well how fast it would go by. In my mind, I believed the weight would come off, but I knew that it would take time which leads me to patience.

5 weeks postpartum wearing a maternity/nursing dress:)

PATIENCE! Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re laughing as this is not usually one of my strengths! There is something to be said for not obsessing over trying to get the weight off right away. (Side Note: Pre-baby, I would obsess when wanting to lose weight and would usually end up gaining weight as a result of stress eating when weight would not come off quickly) I’m pretty sure that stress can cause weight gain, and trying to immediately get the baby weight off would have caused me a lot of unnecessary stress! Of course, I wanted the weight off and worried about how long it would take but ultimately I knew that while raising an infant, dieting would not be on my priority list and neither would working out for that matter! This shift into an accepting and patient mindset brought me peace.

3 weeks postpartum wearing another nursing/maternity dress!

MODERATION! I believe in exercising and eating healthy, but I also believe in moderation! My husband likes to call me a hypocrite when I buy all organic groceries and then go to McDonalds, but I like to call it moderation! The first three months post baby were, honestly, such a blur! I didn’t focus on anything except surviving so I pretty much ate when I was hungry, end of story. As I got into month 4-5 post baby, I started trying to drink my coffee in the morning and then only eat lunch and dinner. Again, this was all in moderation!! For example, if I was starving while feeding the kids waffles in the morning, then I would eat the waffles and not worry about it! If I was starving before dinner, I would eat a snack. Once a week or so, I would try to drink a green smoothie for lunch as I knew that it would help with weight loss and more importantly, knew that it was good for me/baby as I was nursing! I did not worry about what I ate at lunch or dinner. I just ate what I wanted but tried to stop when I was full. I was able to sustain this little plan because it was not a rigid diet! I was not starving myself! I did not beat myself up when I didn’t stick to my plan and then go completely off the deep end and eat everything in sight like I used to do. Instead of obsessing or putting myself down when I ate a sleeve of oreos, I just shifted my thinking to something else like a poopy diaper and that was that!

Worth every pound gained, skin stretched, and tube sock boob probs!

I guess what I’m trying to convey is what Jessi (Instructor/Owner of LAGree Pulse45) said in two sentences 😂! He said, “I lose the unwanted weight when I stop trying to lose the weight. It’s a mindset and enjoying the journey.” I never was good at condensing or summarizing my thoughts because my ADD brain has too many for that🤣. Anyway, I hope I didn’t piss anyone off and truly hope this gives a fresh perspective on losing weight.

We love you,

wheatnsea xoxoxoxxxooxoxoxoooxxoxoxxo

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