What to Wear for Family Pictures (Fall Outfits Linked for the Whole Family)

I love picking out coordinating outfits for family pictures!! I thought it might be fun to share some of my ideas!

Photo By Melissa Rieke

Ross Exact Shirt

Somer’s Exact Top

Somer’s Exact Skirt

First, I’m going to show my family pictures and talk about my preferences/tips as far as how I like to coordinate outfits.

Then, I’m going to explain all of the Amazon outfits I’ve linked that would be perfect for Fall Family Pics!

PRO TIP: Don’t know where to start when planning coordinating outfits? I’ve got you covered! Start by getting out any outfits (your own, husbands, kids, wives, etc.) that you love or think would be perfect for pics. Then, lay them all out and see if any happen to coordinate. If one or two coordinate, then run with that look as it could save you money! If none coordinate, then pick your favorite outfit and begin shopping for other items that will coordinate.

Photo By Melissa Rieke

I love when at least one person wears a solid color from head to toe without a pattern.

I also love mixing patterns. For example, Craig is wearing gingham and I’m wearing plaid in the above pic. I like wearing the same colors or colors that compliment each other (like in the first pic) but I don’t love wearing exact matching outfits. That’s just not my jam.

In the pic above, I loved that Somer was the only one wearing a striped pattern. I also loved that Craig was in a completely different color that complemented our colors well.

Photo By Cherished Moments Photography

I had both kids in pattern here but loved that Somer was in the same pattern from head to toe and Ross had a smaller print pattern! Again, they complimented each other but weren’t too matchy matchy (just my preference).

Photo By Melissa Rieke

Although I love getting fancy for family pics, I also love being casual! I loved Somer’s cool, casual look with her hair in a ponytail. I also love nude babies that are 4 days old:)

Photo by Melissa Reike

I am also obsessed with a minimal look. I love an all white background and all white outfits!

Photo By Melissa Reike

I also like to plan ahead for where I will display photos. I knew that I wanted to display these photos in our basement so I chose to go neutral. I’m not against colorful outfits in pictures being displayed in a home as long as it compliments the house.

Photo By Melissa Rieke

Not a family pic but I had to add this in:). Although I love minimal backgrounds as I want the subjects to be the main focus, there are some props and busier backgrounds that are also adorable.

Coordinating on Thanksgiving! Check out Somer’s knee socks!

I hope you enjoyed my tips! Now, I will show you all of the goodies I found and linked that could make very cute family coordinated outfits for your Fall Family Pics!

I chose to link all items from Amazon as almost every piece of clothing comes in a lot of different colors! I feel like I could easily pick a color scheme from what I found and dress the entire family!


For the little/big girl!

Little/Big Girl Options:

How cute is that leopard dress which comes in a million different prints/colors! I would pair it with a cute knee sock as I love how little girls look in knee socks and dresses! For a baby/toddler girl, I love the little onsies that come in a plethora of different colors also paired with knee socks! I just love knee socks! P.S. I also love them on boys. If I put knee socks on my boy, I would probably do tights on my girl! Just FYI:). Lastly, I would 💯 put a turban hair accessory on Somer if she was younger!

Girl Links:

Turban Hair Accessory

Baby Girl Sleeveless Romper

Baby Girl Long Sleeve Romper

Knee Socks with Bows

Knee Socks solid

Unisex Baby Knee Socks

Fall Color Knee Socks

Colorful Knee Socks

Girls Long Sleeve Casual Dress (leopard)

Little/Big Boy Options!

Little/Big Boy Options:

My favorite newborn/baby style is anything solid colored (like no designs at all) with wood buttons!

I love when little boys wear sweaters over plaid button downs! It’s just the cutest! If I were doing a family pic, I’d try to mock this Janie and Jack ad below by copying the middle kids look (actually, I’m going to have to mock it even though we aren’t doing fall pics)!! I mean, referee socks with the plaid shirt, sweater jacket, AND shorts?!!! I linked similar items from Amazon below! But first, the inspo pic!

Middle Boy Outfit 😍😍😍

Boy Links:

Cute Boy Shorts

Referee Socks

Boys Sweater

Boys Button Down

Baby Boy Solid One Piece

Boy Cable Knit Knee Socks

Mom/Dad Options:

For the mom… I am loving tie-wasted long sleeve dresses as they are very flattering! I linked one that comes in different colors below! My other top outfit pick would be a midi skirt and sweater! I linked some skirt options and a cute sweater that comes in tons of colors!

For the dad…

Just realized I slacked on the dads 😂, but the 2 shirts I linked have so many different print/color options that I know one of the options would work!!

Mom/Dad Options

Women Leopard Midi

Women High Wastes A-line Skirt

Midi Skirt

Bell Sleeve Sweater

Women Tie Waste Dress

Men’s Printed Shirt

Men’s Plaid Shirt

Men’s Floral Button

I hope these tips and outfit ideas entertained you! Cheers to cute family pics🧡

wheatnsea xoxoxoxoooxxoxoxoxoxooooxoxo

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