Ways to Wear Graphic Tees

Bayley and I adore graphic tees! Maybe it’s the Southern Indiana in us! My favorite way to wear one is, of course, mixed with a skirt! I just love the mix of casual/dressy!

Graphic Tee + Skirt

I also love graphic tees with literally any pant!! From leggings to jeans, it all works!

Graphic Tee + Jeans/Leggings

You already know graphic tees with biker shorts (throw in a belt bag and I’m drooling) are going to be another wheatnsea pick! All shorts work though, from pleated retro shorts to paper bag tie waste shorts to cut offs! It all works!

Graphic Tee + Shorts

I plan to wear my graphic tees under sweaters, blazers, shawls, military jackets, ponchos, motorcycle jackets, etc.!

Moving into fall with a shawl!
Transition it into fall with a blazer!

When I’m in a hurry but still want to look halfway cute, I go for a graphic tee. I also go for a graphic tee when I have lots of time to get all snazzy! Bayley and I are really enjoying this style! We’ve linked our favorites below!

Favorite Graphic Tees Linked

Biggie Tee

Pink Floyd Tee

Rodeo Tee

Biggie Smalls Tee

San Diego Tee

Red Hot Chili Peppers Tee

Marvel Tee

AE Tank


Willie Nelson Tee

Smokey the Bear Tee

It Was All A Dream Tee

Snoop Dog Tee

Good Vibes Tee

Tupac Tee

Welp, there are 15 graphic tees we are currently loving!

Pro Tip: If you want to rock this trend for free, grab any old graphic tee shirt in your closet and, when in doubt, tie the bottom in a knot! You’re good to go!

A LIL EXTRA FOR KC LOCALS! If you want to represent our city/teams, but in a very stylish way, I’ve got you covered! I love when city team graphic tees have a retro flare and these shirts below all have that!

First off, I’m in love with the KC Honey tees from 1kcshop! All of these shirts are from 1kcshop located in the madeinkc Plaza shop! Frankie and Jules and Kindred also carry these beauties!

These KC Sweatshirts and Tees from Fortuity, located on the Country Club Plaza and in Arraya Collection of Shops, are the cutest and comfiest! I’ve been lusting after the cream KC sweatshirt as it’s as soft as clouds!

All of the shirts below are from Charlie Hustle Clothing Company! The original heart KC shirt is hard to beat! I adore all of these shirts and love that I could do mommy and me shirts too!

Hope this gave you some graphic tee inspo!

Lots of Love,



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