Runway Trends To Note

I just attended the Kansas City Fashion Week (KCFW) Spring/Summer 2020 Event a couple weeks ago! It was the second show I’ve been to and both times I’ve gone, I’ve been blown away by the event’s organization and professionalism!! Not to mention, the ridiculously talented designers present! It’s now an event I hope to go to each year, and eventually bring my daughter to as well!

Me on the Red Carpet!

I wanted to write this blog to inform others(and remind myself 🤪) of what trends I noticed! When I know what’s really “in”, I’m more confident when picking out outfits and when shopping! Attending the runway shows, for me, is like looking through a magazine and getting ideas! Only, it’s much more tangible and exciting! So, here goes my list!

Eating dinner with friends at Fox and Pearl before the KCFW Runway Show!
Shopping at the KCFW Pop-up Market before the Runway Show!

1. Monochromatic Suit Sets (anything and everything monochromatic is the current rage)! But, here’s the twist, the pants were all either bell bottoms, flare, boot-cut, split-bottom, or goucho/cropped, style. I did not see ANY skinny pants so I was happy I wore my jeans unzipped (by my ankles, not my fly 🤣) to the event to give my look a split-bottom! This leads me to number two!

Monochromatic Suit Set with the Split-Leg by Designer TRBROWN.

2. Bell Bottoms, Flare, Boot-cut, Wide-leg, Paper-bag Tie-Wasted Straight-leg, Ruffle Bottom, Split-leg, and Goucho/Cropped Pants!! Notice, skinny jeans/pants were NOWHERE TO BE SEEN on the runway, but I did see tons of all of the other pants I listed!

It’s hard to choose, but this may be my favorite look of the night! By Designer Any Old Iron.
Suit Set with the flare/bell leg by Designer Any Old Iron. Obsessed!
Saw lots of pants with ruffles! I’ve also seen this in current magazines! By Designer J.Tierney

3. FRINGE, FRINGE, and more FRINGE!!! If you like something with fringe, I’d go on with your fine self and purchase it 🤣

Cool fringe top and love the designer, Georgina Herrera’s, sock/shoe combo!!

In love with Designer Sarah Wilson Knitwear! Her knitwear is so beautiful and unique!
Designer Lucia’s Sarto took my breath away with her gorgeous gowns! The fringe is to die for! If only I could wear this just once!!

4. Jumpsuits! On the top, the jumpsuits were off the shoulder or tube top. On the bottom, they were wide leg or split-bottom leg!!!

Jumpsuits with statement jewelry 💎 By Designer Georgina Herrera.


5. Floral Print, Animal Print, Plaid Print, OH MY!!!

It’s sticking around for at least another year and I’m here for it! I noticed that the animal prints were mixed with other patterns such as plaid and the floral prints were also mixed!

Love the leopard paired with plaid! By Dillard’s.
Leopard paired with red statement earrings is a fun way to jazz up the leopard craze! By Designer Gabriela Arslanoglu
I loved how this dress had the bright floral pattern mixed with the light pink palm pattern! By Designer J.Tierney

6. Did I mention SEQUINS!!! If you like sequins, this is YOUR YEAR!!!! Go ahead and shine bright like a diamond or should I say, shine bright like a sequin?! Wahahahaha! Sequins are EVERYWHERE from the runway to the magazines and are being worn dressy and casually!

I love this beautiful sequins set paired with beautiful heels! By Designer Gabriela Arslanoglu

Note the hair clips and glass heels!! By Designer TRBROWN

7. Graphic Tees!! I personally love mixing sequins with a graphic tee to take on a slightly more casual feel! This might make a fun New Years Eve outfit! In general, mixing graphic tees with dressier items is definitely a trend to note!
Suit Sets + Sequins = SWAG. By Designer Any Old Iron by Andrew Clancey.

8. Extra Long Dusters!! I am so glad this trend is sticking around because I love being dramatic and these sweaters are just that!

9. Hair Accessories Galore along with High and Low Ponytails😍 By Designer TRBROWN

10. Belt Errrrthing, including fur and wear any size belt!!! Big is back too!

By Designer TRBROWN

11. Felt Hats with a Flat Brim

I never wear black but this look makes me want to really bad! By Designer Lucia’s Sarto.

12. Accordion Midi Skirts!!

Love the accordion midi + trench coat! By Dillard’s.

13. SATIN!! Satin is so chic and classy! I’m very happy about this trend!

By Dillard’s

14. Metallic Shoes! I can’t wait to get a pair for holiday events this Fall/Winter!

Metallic Bad A double snake heels by Designer TRBROWN!

15. Head/Neck Scarves!!

By Dillard’s

16. I’m seeing STARS ⭐️ Don’t be afraid to be a star 🌟

💫 By Designer Lucia’s Sarto

Side Note: If you’re like me, you may wonder why the KCFW Runway Events were for the Spring/Summer 2020 and not for the Fall/Winter 2019/20??? Welp, I learned that back in the day, buyers were the main fashion show participants. They had to buy items far in advance! I completely understand now and love that by attending the event, I get a sneak peak of the future which makes me feel way ahead of the game!

I hope you enjoyed my runway notes! I highly suggest attending a KCFW Runway Show! It’s such a fun night out, plus you get insight on upcoming trends!!!




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