Thanksgiving Decor + Fall Babyshower

Each year, I add a few new holiday decor items to our collection! Because of throwing a Halloween Party, my main focus has always been on decorating for Halloween and then, of course, Christmas! I skipped over Thanksgiving decor for 10 years, not because I don’t love Turkey Day, but because I always had more ideas for Christmas and Halloween that I wanted to complete! Finally, last year I realized I no longer needed any more Halloween or Christmas decor so was able to begin purchasing a few Thanksgiving Decor items!! This worked out perfectly as I was throwing a baby shower for my friend right around Thanksgiving! I’ll show you pics of the baby shower and of the very simple Thanksgiving decor I purchased and some I even did myself (DIY pumpkin project)!!

For parties, I always cover my tables with linen drop cloths and then put a table cloth over them! For this baby shower, I grabbed this blanket I bought years ago in Mexico and used it for the tablecloth!
How beautiful is this cake my neighbor made?! I had my neighbor use some eucalyptus left over from my mantle decor on the cake to bring the fall decor together! This is honestly one of my favorite cakes I’ve ever seen! I adore how classy it is!
I also used maternity pictures for decor which added a sweet touch!
Just a touch of fall flowers was a must!
At most of my parties, I serve this punch that is ALWAYS a hit! Just buy some orange, grape, or strawberry sherbert and mix it with Sprite! Yep, that’s it!!
I love when I make the time to take the veggies out of the plastic and put them in a pretty serving dish!
I love getting food already prepared from Costco! It just makes the parties so much easier!
For the mantel decor, my favorite part, I bought 3 cute felt pumpkins from the $3 section at Target and took some eucalyptus left over from Bayley’s wedding! Then I decided I needed more pumpkins…
Rather than buying more pumpkins, I decided to use my leftover real pumpkins from our Halloween Party and paint them! I taped off the stems and painted the them ivory and blue!
I love how the blue and ivory pumpkins looked with the eucalyptus!
The neighborhood girls!
My neighbor had this wreath in her goodwill pile and it matched the decor perfectly so I snatched it!
I pulled this mum out of my neighbors trash last minute to add to my decor lol 😂
I tried to mimic the indoor decor on my porch!
That sage green real pumpkin is my love language!

The one who made the beautiful, naked cake!

It was the most simple, yet classy Fall Baby Shower!

We all had a great time! The party was so simple yet so lovely! I hope you all found some Autumn inspiration!! Happy Fall!

Lots of Love,



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