Folex Cleaner

Wanna know how I live in a kid/dog-filled house with white walls, white furniture, white carpet, pretty much white everything?! Folex Cleaner is how!

This is the bottle I use for everything from pet stains to slip covers, to laundry stain removal to rugs/carpets!

My grandma and mom have used Folex for many years! They began using it because it was the best cleaner they found for their white carpet! Then, they started using it on their white slip covers and furniture to get stains off! Then, they started using it on their laundry to remove stains! Guess what my mimi used to get a spilled drink off of my sister’s wedding dress on her big day?! Yeah you guessed it, Folex!!! It’s a miracle cleaner!

Before washing my slip covers, I spray all stains with Folex!

We recently got a new puppy named Fancy and Folex has helped me to clean up her accidents on our carpet! Fancy is finally potty trained and I know it’s because Folex helped to clean those spots thoroughly so that she wouldn’t smell and tinkle inside again!

How to use Folex: For complete stain removal, clean stain as soon as possible! I’ve never had a stain not able to be removed when I tackle the stain with folex immediately! Spray folex on stain, rub with fingers for a minute, keep spraying and doing this until you think you’ve gotten the stain under control. This next part is not necessary but it’s what I do half the time! It depends on the severity of the stain! I then grab a towel and rub stain with towel (sometimes I use a damp cloth I’ve put a bit of water on, even though this is not in folex instructions). If I’ve used a damp towel, I then use a dry towel to rub stain one more time and that’s it! Stain is gone for good and no water ring marks will be visible after using Folex! Sometimes, I don’t even use a towel to pat dry as using my fingers is usually good enough! For clothing with stains that I’m about to wash, I just spray the stain, rub in with fingers and throw in the washer! I use it on my white tennis shoes too by spraying them and throwing them in the washer!

Before shampooing this rug, I sprayed stains with Folex!

I use Folex on all of the fabrics in my life from white slip covers to my deep mauve pink swivel chairs in our master! Folex will remove the stain without damaging/discoloring the fabric and without leaving ring marks! I’m so grateful to Folex because it allows me to have my cake and eat it too! What I mean is, I get to have my dream home and actually allow our kids and dogs to live in it😉 I would hate to have to buy things that were not my favorite items, but would hide stains better! Instead of going that route, Folex allows me to buy what I love! Folex makes stain removal a piece of cake! Anddd I sure enjoying my cake 🍰 Sorry, couldn’t help it!

If you decide to purchase Folex, we hope you use our link below and love it as much as we do!



Britt + Bayley

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