Essential Wardrobe Item 3: The Button Down

We’ve always owned buttons downs but it didn’t occur to us until this year, when our favorite swim coverup go-to became a button down, that button downs are truly a classic and beyond versatile staple that is a MUST in our closets!

It’s funny, we remember shopping with our mom in the men’s section at the Colombia outlet in Destin, Florida years ago for a waterproof material white button down for her to use as a cover up. She was shopping in the men’s section to get one long enough to cover her behind! It’s amazing looking back to that trip 6 years ago because she is really always is ahead of the trends! Maybe it’s because she understands classic pieces such as the button down that never go out of style! Here is a pic of her wearing the one she found back then!

Our mom sporting the button down as a swim coverup! Always ahead of the trends by at least 5 years… or maybe she just knows her essential staples that never goes out of style and sticks to them 🤔

Now, let us take you through our fav ways to style a classic button down!

Button Down + Skirt/Dress Combo or Wear it as a Dress (if it’s long enough)!
Button Down + Pants
Button Down + Shorts
Also, never be afraid to go monochromatic! Just like the button down blouse, monochromatic fashion never goes out of style!

Nordstrom Boyfriend Button Down

Loft Button Down Tunic

Nordstrom Classic Shirt

Gap Jean Button Down

Ivory Cheetah Print

We hope we inspired you to wear that button down probably already hanging in your closet or at least gave you a lil inspo!!! Thanks for reading! We love you all!



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