Essential Wardrobe Item 6: The Scarf

A scarf is one of the most versatile and fashion forward accessory of them all!

We love wearing them in our hair in a plethora of different ways!

We like to wear them as a head band, half up tied in a knot or bow, or around a ponytail or bun! The options seem endless!

We also love wearing them around our neck! Before Covid we loved this, but now it makes more sense as you can use it as a mask too.

Bay can wear it on her neck when mask isn’t necessary. Talk about versatility!
We love a scarf around the neck tied in a square knot or even in a bow like Britt did in the all orange/red look!

We also love tying the scarf around a bag! Talk about adding instant glam!

We love to just drape a scarf around our necks too. This could be tied into a mask as well!

We also love the scarf tied over your head. This is a great look when your hair is way overdo for a wash 💯

Most of our scarves are hand me downs from our mom so this is something to keep as they never go out of style! We are linking as many similar scarves as we can below!

Variety Pack of Paisley Bandanas

Polka Dot Head Neck Scarf

Silk Scarf

Gucci Dupe Silk Scarf

Gucci Scarf

Essential Bandana

Scarf Pony

Voyager Bandana

Around the World Travel Scarf

We hope we gave you some scarf inspo!



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